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There is always a good excuse to play pool in Bangkok.

For many, pool might be professional and competitive but for others, it is the most casual game to play while drinking beers with friends.

Whether you are looking for pool sessions by the hour or by game, there are countless options of pool bars or places that have one or two pool tables around the city.

With so many choices, though, you might feel a bit overwhelmed to know where to start looking.

Lucky for you, we have put together a list of 10 best places to play pool in Bangkok.

Let’s go break!


woman playing pool at hustlers in Bangkok

Hustlers is quite possibly the number one pool and sports bar in Bangkok.

Mainly because of its high quality tables, friendly staff and great options of food and drinks.

The bar features 11 full size Brunswick pool tables, which are maintained to the highest standard and re-covered every 6 months with new table cloth.

On Sundays they host Singles 9-Ball Tournament where there are cash prizes as well as regular local pool league matches on Mondays and Wednesdays.

There is even a pool tournament just for the ladies that is held every 3 months and is almost always fully booked with players.

The cost of playing pool is 270 baht per hour so you can play as many games as possible within that time.

Other than pool, Hustlers has big screen TVs with popular sports channels that play Cricket, Football, Formula One, and more.

They also have a happy hour promotion everyday from 5pm to 7pm on local beers.

Hustlers is a great place where you can come by yourself, with friends or even a girlfriend to play a few games, watch sports, and drink some beers, all under one roof.

The Sportsman

pool tables at the sportsman bangkok and people playing

The Sportsman is by far the most popular sports bar in Bangkok.

It’s the go to place to watch sports for many expats and tourists.

It has everything you need spread across its 2 floors and sectioned zones.

On the first floor, there are 6 pool tables of different styles and sizes, some darts, a restaurant dining area and many large TVs to catch any sports game.

The second floor is similar with a dedicated dining and sports TV room.

In a connecting, very spacious room there are even more pool tables.

There is even a secret room where you can play pool privately with a friend or a girl.

To play, it is 270 baht per hour but they have a special 120 baht per hour promotion from 7.00am to 4.00pm on the first floor while the upstairs section varies in timing.

Be sure to check their website or Facebook for updates on promotions, challenges and tournaments.

They have a lot of them!

Quality of pool tables (featuring mostly Rhino and Brunswick series) and cues here are excellent, which makes playing extra enjoyable.

The Sportsman also has a huge food menu as well as great happy hour beer promotions to enjoy as you shoot some pool.

The Sport Corner

a woman posing near a pool table at the sport corner bangkok

The Sport Corner is known for its big screens that play live sports.

It’s another nice sports bar where you can also play pool.

They have good quality tables with decent straight cues, all of which are well maintained.

There is also a 9ft Brunswick challenge table at the bar, which is where all the action and interest is.

Strangers and friends line up to show off their skills to be the best.

Apart from the sports and pool, the bar has a great selection of cold beers, delicious food and cocktails, which are served by beautiful waitresses.

Paradise Snooker & Pool Club

pool tables and sofa at paradise snooker pool club

Paradise Snooker and Pool Club is quite possibly the only 24-hour open pool hall in Bangkok where you can play both pool and snooker.

It is a bit hidden and off the beaten path, but there is a very professional and intimate atmosphere there.

It’s the type of venue you would expect members of Sukhumvit social pool league to host private tournaments at.

Snooker and pool tables are sectioned off in different rooms, some more private than others.

It is definitely somewhere professionals and advanced players would go to play some competitive and pure games.

You can get food or drinks here but the focus is clearly on the game rather than anything else unlike other pool bars.

So. If you are looking for some serious competition and meeting world-class players, this is where you should go.

Sports Academy Pool Bar & Diner

people playing pool at sports academy in bangkok

Sports Academy has been a long-standing pool bar that is often packed.

It features 6 amazing Brunswick pool tables, Rasson Victory II and a Diamond ProAm table.

The bar management organizes regular professional tournaments with amazing cash and voucher prizes for the top players.

They are quite active on social media, and they post there all the tournament updates, rules and information.

While it may seem like a place for serious pool enthusiasts, there are enough tables for casual players as well who just want to pocket some holes, have a few drinks and meet new people.

As it is a diner as well, you can get great options of delicious Thai and western cuisines here, topped with a friendly service.

Breakers Sports Bar

people enjoying a pool game and watching tv at breakers bar

Breakers is another popular sports bar with a small pool hall.

It is frequented by expats, tourists and sexy Thai women.

The staff here are also very friendly as they make you feel welcome and at home.

The bar features several high quality tables but the highlight are the two 9 feet challenge tables where the loser pays 20 baht and winners get to play on.

The best part is that if you come before 7pm, the game fee is free.

On Fridays, every game is free for ladies, all day and night. 

So, you can expect a lot of beautiful and talented women here drinking and battling it out.

As you try to win against your opponent, you can also enjoy live band performances as well as happy hour promotions on bottled beers.

When taking a break from playing, sit down for a meal as you watch regular fight nights or cheer for your favorite team on one of the TV screens.

Hillary Bars

people playing pool at hillary bar

So far, we have been talking about places where playing pool is sort of the focus.

But what about bars where playing pool is secondary to other things like partying, dancing and drinking?

If you like to party and want the option to play pool while doing other things, any of the bar Hillary’s is a good place to start.

Live music, happy hour specials, and a wide variety of food are just some reasons why Hillary does so well.

It’s a great place to hangout, with a fun and wild crowd who never shy away from a few Fireball or Tequila shots.

There are a couple of decent pool tables at Hillary bar and if it is too busy, you can always walk to Hillary II nearby, which has its own table and similar vibes.

Being next to Nana Plaza, you can expect the party scene is going to be awesome here.

Hillary 11

three women posing near a pool table at hillary 11

Hillary 11 is another bar, which is part of the Hillary Group.

This is their newest outlet in Sukhumvit soi 11 that has 2 floors of partying, dining and drinking space.

On the second floor is a more intimate area where you will have access to a couple of pool tables and dining tables to chill around.

When you are tired of partying, go upstairs to shoot some pool with a friend and have fun or meaningful conversations.

On the flip side, when you are bored of playing pool, head downstairs to be part of all the action.

The good thing is that no matter if you choose to be upstairs or downstairs, you can always hear and enjoy the bands playing live music.

For those who want it all under one roof and who plan to go clubbing later that night, Hillary 11 is a great choice.

Country Road

a man plays pool while another man and women are watching him at country road bar in bangkok

Located on the corner of Soi Cowboy is a massive beer garden style bar that is known for its ice cold beers, mixed energy vibes, entertaining live bands, warm staff, and sports on big screen TVs.

It is also a place where you can play pool with strangers, friends or one of the beautiful yet friendly ladies who work there.

The bar features a single pool table near the stage so you can enjoy the music and crowd while casually shooting some pool.

Country Road is a refreshing scene in a redlight district that is notorious for gogo bars, eroticism and other naughty things.

Although yes of course you would go to Soi Cowboy to see all the sexy stuff and party but it is always nice to have a spot you can go to relax, catch a breath, shoot some pool before heading back to all the chaos.

The PIMP Bangkok

a beautiful thai girl wearing a black bikini is posing near a pool table at the pimp gentlemen club in bangkok

Whether playing pool is an afterthought or the main activity for the night, The PIMP is a good option.

This luxury gentlemen’s club has a pool table in the main hall but the best thing to do here is to rent a private room.

Unlike other venues, this is one of few places where you can play pool in a spacious VIP room with sexy Thai models.

Just imagine one or few of these girls bent over the pool table as you try to shoot the balls in the pocket.

Now that is a challenge.

Have a look at the different VIP rooms, and book a large VIP room or a party room to play pool with their hot models.

Now that you know a bit more about the pool culture in Bangkok, which place would you go to?

What kind of venue excites you the most?

Map Of The Best Places To Play Pool In Bangkok


Where Can I Play Pool In Bangkok?

You can play pool in Bangkok at The PIMP.

Where Can I Play Pool In Bangkok With Hot Thai Girls?

The best place to play pool in Bangkok with hot Thai girls is The PIMP.

What Is The Best Pool Hall In Bangkok?

The best pool hall in Bangkok is Paradise Snooker & Pool Club.

Where Can I Play Pool Tournaments In Bangkok?

You can play pool tournaments in Bangkok at Hustlers and Sports Academy.

Go to our homepage to learn more about what to do in Bangkok.

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