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For the few of you who don’t know who or what Stickman Bangkok is, let us refresh your memory.

Stickman Bangkok is one of the oldest Thai expat (sexpat?) blogs, founded in the late 90s and still going strong today.

Or as he likes to call himself:

Your Bangkok commentator since 1998

For years, Stickman, under the pen name “Stick”, covered what it’s like to live as an expat in Bangkok, the intriguing life in Thailand, with articles on everything from dating Thai girls, how to work as an English teacher in Thailand, and visa issues.

In total he published over 8,000 posts in just over 20 years!

bar sign in bangkok photographed by stickman bangkok

But what made Stickman so famous, besides his style, is his coverage of Bangkok nightlife, girlie bars and his countless photos of the prettiest bar girls who’ve made those bars.

Through his connections with bar owners, gogo bar managers and bar girls, Stickman had (and sometimes still has) access to information, news and tips that only insiders can get.

He, for example, covered in detail the inside of the bar industry in Bangkok, including a list of the big players, and how they operate.

And even though he’s often quoted as one of the “best sexpat blogs in Thailand”, his readers know his website is about more than just gogo bars and Thai girls.

It’s an honest take on what life in Thailand is like for an expat, on Thai culture, and a much needed different way to write about it. Miles away from the popular Thai newspapers.

Stickman Weekly Column

To share more about what is happening in Thailand, Stickman started a weekly column back in 2001.

In it, he reports on the expat life in Thailand, expresses his opinion about the changing Thai society and shares with his readers a good deal of news about the incredible nightlife in Bangkok.

screenshot of stickman weekly column

Over the years, this weekly column quickly became a ritual for many who love Thailand, the expat community, and the countless sexpats.

It’s also a must read for bar gossip and photos of sexy Thai bar girls.

To this day, it still has a large readership who reads it religiously every Sunday.

Although Stickman left Thailand in 2015 and sold shares of the website, he still publishes the weekly column and almost never misses an upload.

In addition, the Stickman website has an impressive archive of more than 20 years of weekly columns, with hundreds of posts.

sukhumvit road in Bangkok in 2009 photographed by Stickman Bangkok
Sukhumvit road late at night in 2009

It’s a real time machine if you want to get an idea of what Bangkok was like back in the days.

Stickman Readers Submissions

Another well-known section of Stickman website is its readers’ submissions.

screenshot of stickman readers submission

As the name suggests, the section is open to anyone who wants to share comments on his articles or just share a story about their life in Thailand and their adventures with Thai girls.

Just like the weekly column, the readers’ submissions section is an incredible opportunity to read what life is like as an expat in Thailand and how it’s evolved over the years through over 9,300 testimonials.

By the way, the section is still open if you have a story to share.

Who is Stickman Bangkok?

Stickman, from his real name Paul Owen, is a New Zealander who lived in Thailand for almost 20 years, from the late 90s until 2015, when he moved back to New Zealand.

We know little about him except that he was an English teacher at some point in his life in Thailand and that he loves the naughty nightlife of Bangkok (as we do).

bangkok city sign over a road photographed by stickman bangkok

Even after all these years as one of the top bloggers, he kept a low profile and didn’t share much about himself. Probably to stay under the radar for good reasons.

There’s a lot of gossip and rumors about him, his life and other things, all we can say is don’t get him confused with Stickboy.

Stickboy and Stickman are two different people, and Stickman is the real OG in the Thai blogging space.

What Really Happened to Stickman Bangkok?

Let’s come back to our original question: what really happened to Stickman Bangkok?

After all these years of blogging about Thailand, Stickman Bangkok is still active!

Even though, as he writes on his blog’s homepage, he no longer lives in Bangkok.

I left Thailand in 2015 with the intention of putting this site in the rear-view mirror but things conspired against me. Now, several years later, I continue with my weekly round-up of news from the expat bar areas as well as my general thoughts and opinions on life in Thailand.

photography of a gogo bar in Bangkok by stickman bangkok blogger

He sold the website in 2015, but kept writing, and it looks like he owns the website completely again now. So nothing happened to Stickman Bangkok.

He’s still around, enjoying his life back in New Zealand and keeping up with what happens in Thailand from afar.

He also plans to visit Thailand once a year. So in a way, he’s still very much around.

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On our website you’ll find up-to-date information about the best places to party in Bangkok, but also lots of guides about Thai girls and the naughty side of Bangkok that we all love.

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