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There are lots of options for online access to English language newspapers in Thailand.

Most major publications have an online English version.

But they all have expertise in various categories.

Some papers cover national and international news, including business, politics, and sports.

Others cover local events in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Whatever news and information you’re looking for, you’ll find it online in English

We’ve listed the 15 top Thai online English newspapers to help you get started.

1. Coconuts Bangkok

homepage of Coconuts Bangkok online magazine

Coconuts covers life in Bangkok for expats and English-speaking Thais.

They feature the edgier side of Bangkok, so no topic, controversy, or scandal is off-limits.

Coconuts reports on topics and subjects that the other online papers won’t.

They even have a “weird” news section to report stories that are out of the ordinary.

Like the story of a Thai cemetery that screens nightly movies for its ghosts

Their online food, drink, and lifestyle sections are also popular features.

You will find every must-try cocktail bar, food truck, restaurant, and live band in Bangkok.

For unique online news and features, Coconuts is one of the best sources.

Official site Facebook | Youtube | Twitter

2. Khaosod English

homepage of Khaosod English online newspaper in Thailand

Khaosod English is an English-language news site reporting on Thai politics and social issues. 

Like most local online papers, Khaosod reports on current affairs, culture, and entertainment. 

The stories cover what it’s like to be young and Thai in Bangkok. 

Although, their liberal views are not popular with the Thai government. 

The paper describes itself as a beacon of independent journalism in Thailand. 

Articles about Thai politics, social issues, and the pandemic are in every section. 

Khaosod’s reporters and editors are not afraid to offer their opinions. 

That’s why readers who want real reporting on political and social issues choose Khaosod. 

Official site Facebook | Youtube | Twitter 

3. National News Bureau of Thailand

homepage of the National News Bureau of Thailand

The National News Bureau is the official news source of Thailand.

They provide accurate and reliable reporting on all issues that affect Thailand.

As the country’s official news source, all reports show the positive side of Thailand.

This includes everything related to health, tourism, politics, and the economy.

For example, they had articles promoting resort cities in an attempt to bring back tourists.

Some articles also featured companies taking action to help customers affected by Covid.

Unlike other English language media, NNBT is all about Thailand.

Their goal is to give their readers accurate and up-to-date reporting on all Thai issues.

Official site Facebook | Twitter

4. Pattaya One

Pattaya one online newspaper in Thailand

Pattaya One is a leading source of news from Pattaya, Thailand, and Asia.

Their news reports focus on local and Asian news.

Most articles target expats and tourists in Pattaya and other parts of Thailand.

Their opinion section offers advice on legal and immigration issues faced by westerners.

They provide lots of helpful information for those wanting to stay and live in Thailand.

You’ll find features of local bars, restaurants, tourist attractions, and sports venues in their lifestyle section.

Their online videos feature live reports from Pattaya’s top attractions.

For tourist and expat news in Pattaya, Pattaya One is the best online news source.

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5. Pattaya Mail

homepage of Pattaya Mail online newspaper in Thailand

Pattaya Mail was the first online English newspaper in Pattaya.

They report on issues that affect the local communities along the eastern seaboard.

Information that you won’t find in Bangkok’s newspapers.

Articles on local politics, business, social events, and entertainment.

They report on the latest issues and their impact on the local economy.

“What’s On” features events like wine tastings, new restaurant openings, and food reviews.

The sports section covers local sports like cricket, football, and ex-pat golf tournaments.

Pattaya Mail also regularly sponsors social events for readers, including Christmas and New Year’s parties.

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6. The Phuket News

front page of the Phuket News online newspaper in Thailand

The Phuket News is the most read online English newspaper in Phuket.

Published weekly, it covers news and events in Phuket and the Andaman Sea region.

It also includes a section dedicated to Asian and international news.

Their directory section includes the best bars, restaurants, hotels, and services in Phuket.

The sports section reports on local sports action, including football, cricket, and golf.

You’ll find various stories on travel, culture, and the Phuket community in the life section.

Phuket News promises high-quality news reporting to residents and tourists in Phuket.

That’s what sets them apart from other online news services.

Official site Facebook | Youtube 

7. TAT News

Homepage of the TAT News website in English

TAT News is the official online news site of the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

They’re responsible for reporting Thai tourist and travel news.

You’ll find updates on Thai tourist events and festivals like New Year Eve, Chinese New Year, and Songkran.

TAT reports about Thai tourist areas and attractions, like markets, temples, and beaches.

In the past, they had a report on Bangkok’s Michelin star street food chef named one of the top 50 chefs in Asia.

It’s just one example of how they showcase Thailand’s best attractions.

They also keep readers up to date with the latest tourist and visitor information.

If you want to know where to go and what to see in Thailand, TAT News will tell you all you need to know.

Official site Facebook | Vimeo | Twitter

8. Thai Enquirer

homepage of Thai Enquirer online magazine in English

Thai Enquirer is a new media website focused on Thailand and the region.

They report on issues within Thailand from a Thai perspective.

Their goal is to provide a mix of in-depth news reporting and political commentary.

Of course, this comes from an independent and fair-minded point of view.

When they do report on world events, they focus on how those events affect Thailand.

They also have a culture blog and podcasts from prominent Thais as part of their online paper.

Something other online papers don’t offer.

Official site Facebook | Youtube | Twitter

9. Thai PBS World

homepage of Thai PBS World online Thai newspaper

Thai PBS World is the online news website of the Thai Public Broadcasting Service.

You’ll find the latest Thai and world news in English.

It’s generally world events that are relevant to Thailand.

As a government news agency, they have remained independent and open-minded.

They focus on Thai politics, business, lifestyles, and health.

They’re not afraid to report news stories that other news sources won’t.

Thai PBS World’s in-depth coverage of political issues and Covid-19 prove this.

Their goal is to bring a true and unbiased view of Thailand to the rest of the world.

Official site Facebook | Youtube | Twitter

10. Thailand Business News

homepage of Thailand Business News online Thai magazine in English

Thailand Business News is the leading online publisher of business and financial news.

They report news from a business perspective for Thailand and the ASEAN region.

Most articles are written from a financial or business point of view.

The featured topics include banking, real estate, business, tech, and tourism.

Most of the reporting now focuses on when and how Thailand’s economy will recover from Covid-19.

Thai Business News is one of the best online papers that looks at news from a business perspective.

  • News: Business, Finance, Real Estate, Tech, Tourism, ASEAN
  • Contact: Contact form

Official site Facebook | Youtube | Twitter

11. Thailand News.net

homepage of Thailand News Net online magazine in English covering Thailand

Thailand News.net is Thailand’s oldest online news site.

Their news reports cover Bangkok, Thailand, and Southeast Asia.

You’ll also find links to international news, sports, business, and weather.

They’re the only reliable online English language paper to offer a news poll to their readers.

You can signup for a news category you’re interested in.

Thailand News.net will then send you daily emails of news from that category.

Whether it’s local news, weather, sports, or business, they’ll deliver it right in your inbox.

This is one of the better features compared to other English news portals.

  • News: Bangkok, International, Business
  • Contact: Contact form

Official site Facebook | Twitter

12. The Nation Thailand

front page of The Nation Thailand online website in English

The Nation is a daily online news source with the best political coverage in Thailand.

Unlike some other online papers, their politics are conservative and pro-military.

They’re also known for their Thai news and travel coverage.

“Around Thailand” is a popular section with headlines from all Thailand’s major cities.

Only a third of their readers live in Thailand, and most are in the USA and Europe.

Most opinion pieces are pro-government.

For some of the best political and news coverage in Thailand, it’s worth bookmarking the Nation.

Official site Facebook | Twitter

13. The Thaiger

homepage of The Thaiger online newspaper in English about Thailand

Thaiger is Thailand’s fastest-growing English language online news and information site.

They claim to have the second-highest English language readership in Thailand.

Thaiger’s news is mobile-ready, short, accurate, and to the point.

They’re quick to feature Thailand’s main stories, and updates are frequent.

If you want more insights on lifestyle, food, and travel news in Thailand, check out the “Thai Life” section.

They also recently purchased the Phuket Gazette’s digital library.

With Thaiger, Phuket now has a reliable daily online English news source.

If you like news that’s concise, accurate, to the point, and mobile-ready, take a look at Thaiger.

Official site Facebook | Youtube | Twitter

14. Thisrupt

Thisrupt online Thai newspaper

Thisrupt is one of the latest online English news sources in Bangkok.

They write articles for those who appreciate serious, well-written news about Thailand.

With a name like Thisrupt, they’re not afraid, to tell the truth.

They offer honest opinions and analysis about what’s currently happening in Thailand.

They want to inspire Thais to stand up and speak out.

Occasionally, they report on inconsistencies in Thai politics.

They say they’re not afraid of the consequences.

For news that challenges the status quo, check out the news on Thisrupt.

  • News: Current Affairs, Society, Business, Lifestyle
  • Contact: Contact form

Official site Facebook | Youtube | Twitter

Why Not Bangkok Post?

Bangkok Post homepage of the online newspaper

The Bangkok Post is one of the most-read English-language online newspapers In Thailand.

However, it’s very biased.

While they do provide in-depth coverage of local and international news, the stories can be misleading.

Just make sure you form your own judgments based on real facts.

On their site, you’ll find a variety of weekly and monthly special features.

There’s “The Magazine,” a bi-weekly online magazine aimed at successful Thais and expats.

“Sunday Spotlight” features the latest trends in business, science, tech, and the arts.

And they offer opinions on everything from BTS fare hikes to air quality in Bangkok.

Official site Facebook | Twitter

While these are all great news sources in Thailand, no one covers Bangkok nightlife action like us. Not even Stickman or Stickboy.

Our local writers know all the best pubs, clubs, restaurants, and hotels in the area.

Add us to your bookmark list to stay up to date on all the fun of Bangkok nightlife.

Bangkok nightlife


What’s the best Thai newspaper online for Bangkok updates?

The best Thailand newspaper for Bangkok updates is the Bangkok Post.

They’re the #1 online English language paper in Thailand.

It covers local Bangkok news in the daily local edition.

They also provide Bangkok updates in their weekly and bi-weekly tabloid and magazine sections.

What’s the best Thai newspaper online for Phuket updates?

The best Thailand newspaper for Phuket updates is the Phuket news.

They’re the most read online English newspaper in Phuket.

Its focus is covering the news in Phuket and the Andaman Sea region.

Their feature sections cover local events like sports and entertainment.

Most tourists rely on Phuket news for the latest issues.

What’s the best Thai newspaper online for Pattaya updates?

The best Thailand newspaper for Pattaya updates is Pattaya Mail.

They report on issues that affect Pattaya and surrounding communities.

You’ll find special reports on local entertainment and sporting events.

Their coverage is dedicated to Pattaya and the eastern seaboard.


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